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Flowers Grand Junction

The Blue Door Farm is a small, family-owned flower field in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We grow our own flowers and greenery and our goal is to bring the beauty in our fields to your home and table.

Blue Door Farm offers custom bouquets by special order.

We also offer our flowers for a select number of weddings and special events.

Bulk pricing by the bucket is available on request. 

Our favorite varieties include zinnias, dahlias, single-stemmed and branching celiosa and sunflowers, chocolate lace flower, gomphrena, scented geraniums, statice, herbs, and more. 

Fresh flowers are available March through November depending on the weather, and local greenery is available year round.  Our flowers are harvested by hand directly into water, arranged the same day or the next morning, and will last a week or more in the vase with proper care because they are so fresh.

Robin does the planning, planting, weeding, harvesting and arranging, and has always loved botany and working outdoors. She particularly enjoys flowers because they share love in every language without words. Mark is the farm mechanic and inventor with ever-helping hands and encouragement. 

Local flowers are an important addition to vegetable and fruit crops because they feed bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. We do not use pesticides, chemicals or preservatives and we invite you to join us in supporting the American-grown Field to Vase local flower movement. Currently, 80% of the cut flowers sold in the United States are grown overseas, heavily treated with chemicals in the field and before shipping to prolong their storage life, cut weeks or months in advance, and shipped dry in boxes by air.  

In contrast, our flowers come straight to your table from our fields. 

We grow all of our flowers from seed to vase here at the farm. Local flowers are noticeably fresher and particularly beautiful because they are not stressed nor bred for long-distance shipping. Enjoy vibrant colors, striking shapes, and heirloom varieties that are only available locally! 

Treat yourself to incredibly fresh flowers in your home or business ~ and share a beautiful bouquet as a perfect gift for a birthday, thank you, sympathy, or just because. 

We look forward to brightening your day with our unique bouquets.

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